How I Get You Out of Pain!

Save Time! I Only Need 60-Minutes A Week From You!

Think you need to come and see me multiple times a week to achieve a long-term pain solution? Think again! I see my clients one time a week for 60 total minutes.


I typically see clients for 8-12 total visits before they reach their goals!

You Don't Need to Invest an Hour a Day, or Even go to the Gym!

I'll provide you with all the tools you need for home. Going to the gym is unnecessary. All exercises prescribed for you are pre-recorded by me on video with step-by-step instructions. Finding a long-term solution to your pain typically requires 20-30 minutes a day to do your prescribed homework - in the comfort of your own home!

You Don't Need to be Fit or Even Have an Active Lifestyle!

I specialize in treating pain. That doesn't mean you need to be physically fit or very active. Many of my clients come to me because normal activities have become painful, exercising isn't possible because the pain gets worse. If you're not physically fit or active that's no problem!

Know What is Wrong and How Long it's Going to Take to Fix!

For those who are serious about finding a solution to their pain, I offer a complimentary discovery session. Come in for a visit on me and I'll diagnose the root cause of your pain, tell you how long it's going to take to fix, and exactly what to expect! Click the button below to apply!

I Treat the Entire Body as a Single Unit, Not Individual Parts!

Pain is often the result of your body compensating for a problem somewhere else


The area which hurts isn't even the problem - it's just compensating for a problem elsewhere. You will know where the root problem lives and how we're going to fix it!

Understand How to Get Rid of Pain on Your Own!

You will fully understand how pain works and how to avoid unnecessary healthcare. You'll be given a step-by-step process of how to get rid of pain on your own. 

Stop Wasting Time & Money on Pain Meds & Injections!

Do you want a long-term solution to pain or just pain relief? My clients achieve a long-term solution to their pain, not just short-term relief. All this without the dangerous side effects of pain medications and injections - which aren't long-term solutions in the first place. You can be certain you'll avoid these when you work with me!

No Painful Surgeries or Expensive Procedures!

I specialize in saving you from surgery or other invasive procedures. Most times, these can be avoided when you find the right people to help! If you've been told you need surgery and would like to avoid it then come in for a complimentary discovery visit and receive a free second opinion!

Don't Waste Time & Money Going to Your Doctor!

Good news! You can come and see me without going to your doctor first. I am an expert in pain and movement. I will properly diagnose the root cause of your pain and work to get you long-lasting relief! If I can't help I'll find you someone who can!

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