What I Treat at My Durham Physical Therapy Clinic

  • "You have the worst __(spine, neck, knee, curve, etc)_______ I've ever seen!"

  • "You have a disc bulge, rotator cuff tear, or degenerative disc disease?"

  • "Your pain is from getting old (or from arthritis) and you have to live with it?"

  • "Your pain is all in your head?"

  • "Your only option left is surgery?"

Are you tired of taking pain medications, getting injections and doing exercises that don't work?

We can help you, your family members, friends and colleagues with any condition where you have pain, tightness, numbness/tingling, difficulty moving or limited ability to do your normal daily work, exercise and activities.  

If you just injured yourself or even if you've been suffering from an injury or painful condition for a long time, there is a very high likelihood that treatment in our clinic can help you feel better, do more and return to the activities you enjoy. 


The list of conditions below is not exhaustive and if your problem is not listed below, call us to find out if we can help.



Contact us today to speak with a physical therapist to find out how we can help you stay fit and healthy!



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