What is Selective Functional Movement Assessment?

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a full body movement assessment that is designed to find and locate the root cause of your pain. Specifically, it focuses on the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, ankles, and balance. It classifies dysfunctions into two categories: Dysfunctional Painful, and Dysfunctional Non-Painful.

The SFMA is designed to not only treat the pain but find any dysfunctional movements that could be contributing to the pain.

The Joint-to-Joint approach

The SFMA has made the joint-by-joint approach a foundation for understanding why we don’t just treat pain. They classify each joint into two categories: stable joints and mobile joints.

Stable Joints

Stable joints are meant to be stronger and inherently less mobile.

Mobile Joints

Mobile joints are meant to be more flexible and inherently more mobile.

Treating pain using SFMA

Many people with pain have joints that are meant to be mobile that have now become stable. Or, joints that are meant to be stable have now become mobile. This occurs because of compensation, typically due to and underlying weakness which the SFMA will diagnose.

For example, many people with back pain have stiff hips (which are supposed to be mobile). When the hips become stiff, the lower back must become more mobile to compensate. This can cause the lower back to become painful. This example can occur throughout the body and cause pain. Our physical therapy clinic uses the SFMA for every client with every visit to identify progress and the root cause of pain.

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