What is Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapy approach consists of a combination of hands-on therapy and movement techniques. Physical therapy should involve treating the entire body as opposed to just the area that hurts. This is because the area in pain is rarely the only contributing factor which leads to pain.

For example, neck pain can be a result from a stiff or weak shoulder. Back pain can be a result from a stiff or weak hip; and so on.

When most people think about physical therapy they think of post-surgery rehab. At Kaizen Physical Therapy, that's not our focus.

Our physical therapy clinic specializes in helping people avoid surgery and pain meds while staying active and healthy. This also means we don't specialize in post-surgical rehab.

If you've been told your problem needs surgery, and you don't want it, click the button below and schedule a complimentary phone call with one of our physical therapists.

Physical therapy exercises should focus on one of three things:

Pain Relief

Improve joint/muscle stiffness

Improve joint/muscle weakness

What techniques do physical therapists use?

At our physical therapy clinic we use a variety of techniques to treat pain. Some of these are: Joint Mobilizations, spinal manipulations, instrumented assisted soft-tissue massage, myofascial release, dry needling, selective functional movement assessment, Mckenzie Method, among others.

Wondering if our physical therapy clinic is the right approach for your problem?

How Long Does Physical Therapy Take?

It really depends on how many body parts are being treated and how severe the problem is. The majority of our clients have 2+ joints that require treatment for a long-term solution. Physical therapy shouldn't only focus on treating the pain. Finding and fixing the root problem should be part of the rehab process. Often times the area that hurts is in pain due to a problem somewhere else. With that said, our average number of visits per client is roughly 4-10.

Wondering if our physical therapy clinic is the right approach for your problem?

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